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When was Wikipedia launched?

Wikipedia was created on January 15, 2001, by two core founders, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.

How does Wikipedia handle conflicts of interest?

Wikipedia addresses conflicts of interest by establishing clear guidelines. Editing Wikipedia in one’s own interests or on behalf of external relationships is discouraged. Conflict of interest (COI) editing includes contributing information about oneself, family members, friends, clients, employers, or any financial and personal relationships. This ensures that articles remain impartial and unbiased, free from any potential influence that may compromise the integrity of the content.

Are there any restrictions on what can be written on Wikipedia?

Yes, there are restrictions on what can be written on Wikipedia. One such restriction pertains to non-copyright limitations and is governed by the non-free content criteria. These criteria are established based on the Definition of Free Cultural Works, ensuring that the use of non-free content is within defined boundaries. It’s important to note that restrictions unrelated to copyright status can also hinder the utilization of work for “any purpose.” These restrictions exist to maintain content integrity and adhere to legal and ethical guidelines governing using various works on Wikipedia.

How does Wikipedia handle vandalism and false information?

Wikipedia employs various measures to address vandalism and false information. These measures restrict access to certain user groups, such as autoconfirmed and extended confirmed users, who have demonstrated a trustworthy editing history. As a result, regular vandals typically do not fall within these privileged user categories.

Unfortunately, this temporary restriction may also impact innocent users, temporarily limiting their ability to edit. Nonetheless, these measures are implemented to safeguard the integrity of Wikipedia’s content and mitigate the impact of vandalism.

How many languages is Wikipedia available in?

As of June 2023, Wikipedia encompasses 333 language editions. These language editions are also referred to as the Wikipedia’s or simply language versions. The five largest Wikipedias, ranked by the number of articles, are: 

  1. English
  2. Cebuano
  3. German
  4. Swedish
  5. French

How is the information verified on Wikipedia?

Verifiability in English Wikipedia refers to the ability of readers to verify that the information provided originates from trustworthy sources. However, it is essential to note that original research is not published on Wikipedia. This is simply because its content relies on pre-existing information that has been previously published rather than being influenced by the editors’ beliefs, opinions, or personal experiences.

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Can anyone edit Wikipedia?

Wikipedia operates as a wiki, allowing anyone to edit almost any page and enhance articles promptly.

Additionally, no registration is required to contribute, and individuals who have made edits are recognized as Wikipedians or editors. Even small modifications accumulate, and every editor can take pride in their contribution to enhancing Wikipedia for the benefit of all.

However, for best results, it is advisable to Hire Wikipedia editors to help you with this task.

What is the most edited article on Wikipedia?

As of June 2023, the article about “George W. Bush” tends to be the most frequently edited article on Wikipedia, accumulating an impressive number of over 45,862 edits.

How many articles are there on the English-language version of Wikipedia?

As of June 2023, the English Wikipedia contains an impressive number of articles, totalling over 6,661,653 articles of various lengths. However, when considering all the other language versions of Wikipedia, their combined size surpasses English Wikipedia’s by a significant margin.

In fact, the collective Wikipedias in 309 languages boasts a staggering 55 million articles, encompassing an astounding 29 billion words.

Who moderates Wikipedia and ensures the quality of its content?

Wikipedia is moderated, and a community of volunteer contributors ensures the quality of its content. These contributors, known as Wikipedians, collectively edit and maintain all Wikipedia pages and articles. It’s important to note that no individual can assume ownership over a specific article or any portion of it, regardless of their role. The collaborative nature of editing ensures that multiple perspectives are considered, fostering a collective effort to maintain the accuracy and reliability of Wikipedia’s content.

What is the Wikimedia Foundation's role in relation to Wikipedia?

The Wikimedia Foundation plays a crucial role in moderating Wikipedia and ensuring the quality of its content, and it also owns the domain The Foundation is responsible for various tasks such as raising funds, distributing grants, managing servers, developing and deploying software, and conducting outreach efforts.

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How do you create a new article on Wikipedia?

To create a new article on Wikipedia, follow these steps:

  • Research the topic and ensure it meets notability guidelines.
  • Register an account for easier collaboration.
  • Check if the article already exists before you start drafting the article on a sandbox page.
  • Familiarize yourself with Wikipedia’s guidelines.
  • Write the article using reliable sources and maintaining neutrality.
  • Add proper citations and references.
  • Submit the article for review.
  • Address any feedback received.
  • Once approved, the article will be published on Wikipedia.

Remember to be patient and open to collaboration from other editors.

What are the guidelines for adding images to Wikipedia articles?

Adding images to Wikipedia articles reguires you to follow specific guidelines which include:

  • Uploading: To upload an image, click on the “Upload file” link under the “Contribute” heading on the left side of the main page (or use the link Special: Upload).
  • User-created images: Wikipedia advices users to upload their own images to contribute to the content. However, there are certain requirements for these images.
  • Licensing: All user-generated images must either be given a public domain or free permission, like a Creative Commons license. This guarantees that others can use the images without restriction and prevents copyright infringement.

By adhering to these guidelines, users can contribute images to Wikipedia while respecting copyright and licensing restrictions.

Are there any alternatives to Wikipedia?

Yes. Some of the best alternatives include Wikitia, Matterwiki, WikiBot, and

How does Wikipedia handle disputes between editors?

Wikipedia employs a process called mediation to address disputes between editors. When a content dispute arises between two or more editors, an uninvolved third party, known as the mediator, is involved.

The mediator’s role is to facilitate and guide discussions among the involved parties, with the aim of reaching a resolution or agreement regarding the disputed elements of content. Mediation serves as a means to promote constructive dialogue and find common ground to resolve conflicts among editors on Wikipedia.

Can I translate articles from one language version of Wikipedia to another?

YES! Wikipedia provides a translation tool that allows you to translate content from any language. To access this tool, simply visit this page. Note that in order to exploit this feature, you must be logged in to your Wikipedia account and have autoconfirmed status.

How are sources cited on Wikipedia?

On Wikipedia, sources are cited by including detailed information in the citation. The article’s title, “Wikipedia” and/or “Wikimedia Foundation,” the date of the latest change, and the URL are typically included in a Wikipedia citation. To guarantee that readers may access the precise version you cited, it is advised in APA Style to include the URL of the most recent modification of the article. The whole article URL must be included in the citation for the majority of citation formats.

What is the Neutral Point of View (NPOV) policy on Wikipedia?

The Neutral Point of View (NPOV) policy on Wikipedia requires that all encyclopedic content be written from a neutral standpoint. This means presenting information in a fair, proportionate, and unbiased manner. The goal is to represent all significant views on a given topic that reliable sources have published.

What is the significance of the "Did You Know" section on Wikipedia's main page?

The “Did You Know” (DYK) section on Wikipedia’s main page serves a specific purpose and is not a general trivia section. It highlights newly created or expanded articles that have gone through an informal review process. The articles for the DYK section are selected based on their quality, significance, and interesting content.

How does Wikipedia handle controversial figures or topics that are frequently vandalized?

Wikipedia employs various measures to address controversial figures or frequently vandalized topics. Vandals, whether they are guest editors (IP addresses) or registered users, are blocked from editing and may face further banning according to the terms of use. In order to combat inappropriate edits, Wikipedia has implemented a protection policy that serves as a merit system based on user privileges. This policy helps safeguard articles and limit vandalism by granting editing access to trusted users.

What is the "Edit-a-thon" event on Wikipedia?

The “Edit-a-thon” event on Wikipedia is a public gathering where participants come together to collaborate and learn how to edit Wikipedia. These events typically provide training sessions to guide individuals in the process of editing Wikipedia articles. Edit-a-thons’ focus can vary, but they often revolve around specific topics related to the Smithsonian museums.

How can I contribute to Wikipedia without directly editing articles?

There are several ways to contribute to Wikipedia without directly editing articles. For example, you can improve existing articles, provide sources and references, Fact-check and report issues, translate articles, participate in discussions and provide feedback and suggestions.

Remember that contributing to Wikipedia is a collaborative effort, and your contributions can make a difference even without directly editing articles.

Can I add my personal opinions or biases to Wikipedia articles?

No, this is prohibited by Wikipedia’s neutral point of view (NPOV) rule. It encourages editors to consider various perspectives, avoid favouring certain viewpoints, and rely on reliable sources to support statements. Editors are urged to be mindful of cultural, political, and personal biases that can impact the content and strive to represent a balanced view.

How can I report errors or inaccuracies on Wikipedia?

To report errors on Wikipedia, head over to the Main Page and then visit Wikipedia: Main Page/Errors for reporting purposes.

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